Snowflake Ski Club

To all Snowflake Club Members, Parents, and Staff:

Plans for 20/21 season - Early Registrations starts September 1st!

We are continuing the planning stage for the upcoming season. While there is uncertainty as to the details on how the trips will run this season, we are committed to running trips and to provide as close to the same Snowflake Club experience as we have provided in the past.

  • We are in contact with our ski area partners and they will be open both locally and nationally to provide a safe outdoor experience.
  • Membership sign-ups start September 1st, with the same membership prices and early season sign-up incentives as last year.  Regular membership price is $85. September sign ups 20% off = $68.00 October sign ups 10% off = $76.50.
  • Trip Schedule and prices will be posted October 1st. Our tentative plans are for less passengers on each bus, which means the trip price will go up approximately $10.00-$15.00 for local trips and $15.00-$20.00 for long distance trips.
  • We will begin season lease/rental equipment sizing and photo ids on Saturday October 17, 2020.  See further details here

Although this season will have its differences, we are all excited to get out on the slopes and enjoy skiing! We are deeply committed to the safety of our members and our staff and plan to be proactive based on the latest information from health officials and our ski area partners. We want to thank you in advance for your patience, loyalty and understanding.

Snowflake Ski Club & Williams Staff






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 Weekly Ski & Snowboard trips for ages 8-18

The Snowflake Club - Instructs boys and girls ages 8 through 18 how to ski and snowboard. While our primary purpose is to provide a fun-filled and exciting day of skiing, we also place emphasis on members taking lessons. Our ski school is certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), and we use their teaching models for our lessons.


Find out even more detailed information about how we do things.



Join the fun today! Purchase early and receive special discounts on membership and rentals @ Williams Ski and Patio.



Pick from one of our many local trips this year. Purchase as many as you want now, or buy trip by trip. Registration deadlines are the Wednesday Night by Midnight before the upcoming trip.